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An earthly landscape, the cosmological and the technological all come together in this series of haunting landscapes. The artist expresses her relationship to the 400,000 trees her father planted. Obsessively planting trees was his response to the traumas he lived through during WWII, while stationed in the Philippines from 1942-1944.    


In the world of computer programming “source code” is defined as “a set of instructions and statements written by a programmer.” Hegner adopted the term to describe the translatable language through which the natural environment can speak to and redeem humanity simply through its presence. 


Catalyzed by the artist’s desire to decode the forest, Chehalis began by taking long foggy walks with her camera and collecting ephemeral moments that spoke to her. The photographs hold the purity of digitally created spheres in an organic, mysterious and sometimes haunting ecosystem. Hegner offers an invitation to visit her father’s sanctuary – to wander, dream, and discover therein whatever is real for you.


 Medium: Archival inkjet prints collectable in 3 edition sizes.

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