Welcome to the Steamer Trunk!   A scrapbook of artifacts and memorabilia.

Steamer trunks first appeared in the late 1870s, and are distinguished by either their flat or slightly-curved tops. Usually covered in canvas, leather or patterned paper, often having secret compartments, they traveled along with their owners ~ becoming a kind of intimate partner for the journeys of life. I invite you to dig through.  You will find exhibition artifacts, photographs depicting my creative process, and odds and ends that have influenced soul and spirit.

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Hegner Family Foundation and the PRC

The Hegner Family Foundation is proud to be a sponsor of the PRC Lecture Series. We invite you to join us in supporting the PRC! The Photographic Resource Center (PRC) is a vital forum for the exploration, interpretation, and celebration of new work, ideas, and methods in photography. Visit: www.bu.edu/prc